C# Events: Top 5 Differences between delegates and events in C#

C# Events: The Events enable a class or object to notify other classes or objects when some interesting thing happens to the object. A class that sends or raises the event is called the publisher, and the classes that receive or handle the event are referred to as subscribers.

There can be multiple subscribers to a single event. Typically, when an action takes place, a publisher raises an event. The subscribers who want to be notified when an action takes place should register or subscribe to handle specific events.

The following diagram shows the event in C#.

csharp events
C# event model


Understanding C# Delegates (with Examples)

In simple terms, a delegate in C# is like a pointer to a method. It allows you to refer to a method by its name and invoke it later. Think of it as a “method container” that holds a reference to a particular method with a specific signature (parameters and return type).

Delegates In C#
C# delegate